Rising Kindergarten Enrollment for 2019-20

Registration for all rising kindergarteners occured on Friday April 5, 2019 from 7:30am to 5pm. Parents still wanting to register their child for kindergarten should call the school's office when it opens in August.

Enrolling in a Roaring Fork School for 2019-20

For the 2019-20 school year, the Roaring Fork Schools will be asking only those students who want to attend a school at which they do not have a guaranteed seat to indicate their enrollment intent. This applies to current students who wish to change schools, as well as to new students who wish to attend a school outside of their attendance area. (See attendance area map here.) This process will be a student’s best chance to be enrolled at his or her desired school if not guaranteed a spot at that particular school. Please contact your school's office as soon as it opens in August.

2019-20 Grades 1-12 Intent-to-Enroll Form

 *Please note that the Carbondale Community School runs a separate enrollment process. For more information about enrolling in this charter school, please call 970-963-9647.

Enrolling in a Roaring Fork School for 2018-19

If you're new to Roaring Fork Schools, you can go to your school of choice to enroll and register. The front office staff there can help you fill out the paperwork you need*Todos los materiales están disponibles en inglés y español.

Curious what your attendance area school is? Click here for a Map of Attendance Area for each RFSD School

*Todos los materiales están disponibles en inglés y español.


Attendance Area Map

  • Map of Attendance Area for each RFSD School (Instructions: Check the school name in the left column to show the attendance area layer for each school, and uncheck to hide layers. To enter your address and zoom the map to that location, click the small magnifying glass in the red bar at top left.)

Early Childhood Enrollment 

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Strategic Plan & Performance

Learn about our Strategic Plan and see how we're doing. 

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